Casting and machining

     1. Customer's saticfiction is our great pleasure.
     2. Obedient mind and brave intention.
     3. Raise up good ability to br self control autonomous vitality.
     4. Proud of technical skills and challenge to the unseen world.

     "We will continually supply the value products for demand and expectation of market and customer."
Casting and Machining
chucks and NC rotary tables
     We activly developed chucks and NC rotary tables of Kitagawa Corporation for Thailand, Vietnam and ASEAN! We take pride on abundant variations that match the needs.
     We hold 60% share of power chucks in Japan! As a Thai representative office of Kitagawa corporation., We provide the products in ASEAN (Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, etc.). Chuck, NC rotary table and robot hand made with high technical level promise improvement in productivity. We propose the most suitable products from an abundant lineup.
Chucks and NC rotary tables
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